Best Voucher Sites In The Uk

Top 10 Best Voucher Code Websites In The UK Right Now

Time for a voucher? The cost of living is rising all the time, so it isn’t surprising that people all over the country are looking for ways to slash their costs on things they buy and cut their bills. Food and clothing are getting more expensive every week, so it’s no wonder that the search ‘where to find voucher codes’ is fast becoming one of the top most-searched terms of 2022 in the UK.

Voucher codes are a great solution when you need to get discounts on the products that you need to buy. After all, why pay full price when you can get a valuable reduction?

Saving money couldn’t be more important these days, especially for today’s cash-strapped families, and when you know the best voucher code websites to visit you’ll have the best chance of reducing your expenditure and getting the things you actually want and need at a far lower price.

Helping you save money is our aim, so we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to and brought together a list of the top 10 voucher code sites in the UK that offer great discounts on all your favourite brands.


Perhaps the most versatile discount site of them all, Honey offers something a little different to other voucher code websites and apps. Honey is an extension that you install on your device that automatically searches for voucher codes available for the website that you’re making a purchase from and tries them out without you having to lift a finger so you can benefit from reductions without having to spend hours ploughing through different discount sites.

Although Honey doesn’t always find a working code, it’s a time-saving solution that is quick and convenient to use.


One of the top websites for finding the latest working voucher codes, this website is your first port of call for all your cut price shopping needs. You’ll find daily discounts here across all kinds of services and goods, from high street brands to restaurant vouchers, and from online bargains to money off attractions and trips away.

Super simple to use, VoucherCodes can be accessed via their website or through their free app, making it even easier to save money on the move.


Despite its similar name to VoucherCodes, Vouchercloud is a completely different website that offers a variety of different discounts. Nevertheless, it’s just as quick and simple to use, with a free downloadable app for both Android and Apple devices as well as an easy-to-navigate website.

Vouchercloud offers online discounts in three different categories to suit your needs. You can either pick your discount up offline by using a mobile phone voucher or printed voucher, or alternatively, you can use the voucher code option to click onto the brand’s website where the discount can be applied directly to get your saving.


As the second largest voucher codes website in the UK, MyVoucherCodes offers an extensive range of retailers, both large and small, offering exclusive discounts. The site is designed for ease of use, with Exclusive and Top 50 features on the homepage.

There are also categories to pick from if you’re looking for general items, so it’s simple to find what you’re seeking. MyVoucherCodes is another discount code site that has a free downloadable app, and as it features more than 8000 retailers, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Groupon Voucher Codes

You probably already know Groupon for its group deal purchases that can help you save money on all kinds of items as well as local deals. However, Groupon also has its own discount codes section of its website.

Although Groupon doesn’t offer as many coupons to pick from as the major players like VoucherCodes, it does offer more than 2000 retailers and more than 8000 different voucher codes and you can be confident that you’re using a reliable site that won’t scam you.

Hot UK Deals

One of the less well-known UK voucher code websites is Hot UK Deals. Although it’s not the most attractive site to look at and we found it a little tricky to navigate, it does offer some practical discounts on high street brands that can help you make savings, and sometimes those savings can be pretty significant, although those huge price cuts are few and far between.

Users can submit voucher codes the discover on this site too, so you can expect to get a few “voucher code not working” messages, but occasionally you’ll get an amazing discount with codes that you can’t find elsewhere that will bring a smile to your bargain-hunting face.

Net Voucher Codes

Although not as famous as some of the other discount coupon sites in the UK, Net Voucher Codes is a trustworthy option and its site is attractive and pretty simple to use. You can join up for free and explore 21 different categories that include everything from health and beauty to travel.

Unfortunately, many of the codes you’ll find here can be find on the other, better-known sites too, and, like VoucherBox, some of the offers are just generic deals that companies are offering to everybody, but this site is certainly worth a look as occasionally you’ll find a bargain.

Every Saving

If you’re looking for brands that are a little unusual, you should try out Every Saving. Although this site has a very similar structure and layout to the other better-known discount coupon sites, the retailers you’ll find here are often a bit off the wall.

While you’ll find some big high street names here with working coupons, you’re also likely to find some brands that you’ve never heard of before that you might want to explore and you’re sure to bag a discount here and there.


One of the newest entrants to the discount website scene, VoucherBox doesn’t have anywhere near as many deals as some of the major players, but it’s a site we believe is on the rise. The site is simple to navigate with a selection of “favourite categories”, so it’s pretty easy to find what you need.

There is also a section for “student deals” which is a nice addition, but while it may look as if there are loads of offers, be aware that some of them are just generic deals that are being offered by the company to everyone, and aren’t exclusive offers for the website’s users.

Money Saving Expert

A final site worth trying is the well-known Martin Lewis website Money Saving Expert. The deals you’ll find here are usually fairly minor, but every penny counts, right?

This site brings together low value coupons for food and household items that can help you save a little on your weekly shopping bill. Since it’s a trusted site, you’ll also have no worries about being scammed.

Get Discounts And Enjoy Savings

Voucher code websites should be your first port of call, no matter what you need to buy. Whether you’re booking a holiday or buying your weekly shop, or just see that ‘Enter Voucher Code’ box when you’re next checking out online, there’s a good chance you might find a coupon on one of these sites to help you slash your costs.