Look who is giving 20% off appliances for all of July

20% Off Appliances

When you’re looking for new appliances, convenience is everything – as is customer service, value for money and a brilliant range of products to choose from. Can one brand really offer all of this? Well, it seems like Appliances Direct might just have everything that you’re looking for – and a fabulous 20% off appliances until the end of July.

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Keeping Cool

If your fridge or freezer hasn’t survived the recent heatwave, you can shop the full range of cool appliances online. Appliances Direct’s superb range has been tailored to meet all needs, from the giant double-doored American-style fridges to an under counter freezer if space is at a premium. There’s also a great selection of beer coolers to help you beat the summer heat.

Kit Out Your Kitchen

Appliances Direct has everything your kitchen could need -even if it’s a pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen. As well as the larger appliances that are hard to live without – cookers, ovens, dishwashers- you can also take your pick of the small appliances that make life so much easier. If you’ve been inspired by the Great British Bake Off, you can shop from a full array of mixers. For healthy eaters, you can explore Appliances Direct’s range of air fryers and juicers.

British Brand

Appliances Direct is a UK company and that’s something they’re really proud of. They’re committed to being a brand that delivers personalised service and are always at the end of a phone, but they’ve got the product range that throws shade on some of the bigger brands. Based in Huddersfield, they know how important it is to be there for their clients, so they’ve made sure that you can ask their product specialists any questions that you want. And when it comes to delivery, the news is even better.

Delivered With Care

When your fridge breaks down, getting a replacement a week next Thursday just won’t cut it. Appliances Direct’s UK warehouses are superbly stocked and you can count on getting your appliance the next day. For many people, getting rid of the old appliance is a massive headache that they could live without. The same goes for installation.

It’s true that some appliances need plumbing and a bit of knowledge, whereas others are plug and go. With Appliances Direct, they’ll take care of all installation for you, whether it’s a washing machine or simply plugin in a fridge. Making sure that life is as simple as possible for their customers also means that they’ll take any rubbish and wrappings away with them. They’ll even take away your old appliance when they bring the new one.

Expect the Unexpected

Appliances Direct have you covered for your kitchen but they can also make sure your garden is on point too, with a range of lawn mowers and edgers. As well as appliances large and small, this British brand has a full range of mobile phones for you to choose from. You might even track your trail running with one of the smartwatches on offer.

A Trusted Brand

Appliances Direct can count on over 65,000 reviews on Trustpilot, with three quarters of their customers rating the brand as ‘Excellent’. Shop before the end of July to secure your 20% off deal. 

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