The Best Free Apps That ACTUALLY Help You Save Money

Best App to Save Money

Saving money can feel like a never-ending chore. When money comes in, bills go out and you’re often left with just enough to get by.

But – hang on a second there, did you know there are apps out there that actually help you save money?

All you’ve got to do is sign up, set things up, and check in to see how much cash you’ve saved with no catches!

We take a look at the best free apps for saving money and review each so you can decide which is best for your saving needs. Let’s dive in and get started.


If you haven’t heard of Monzo, put simply it’s a mobile-only banking app with a whole host of features that can help you save money. Monzo is free to sign-up for and can be used for salary payments, online shopping, and in-store purchases.

Unlike other banking apps, it won’t charge you silly currency exchange when you’re abroad and it has some really smart in-app features.

Monzo offers plenty. From free perks for being a premium member (a small monthly fee is applied if you upgrade) such as discounted gym memberships and even complimentary trials!

With all of this said, the biggest reason to download Monzo is that if you struggle to save your cash, it’s going to do the hard work for you.

You can choose the ‘round-up’ option which is an automatic saving feature that will round up what you spend to the nearest pound and set it aside. Alternatively, there’s a nifty ‘pot’s’ option which allows you to set up savings pots and allocate recurring payments to them.

Where saving would usually cause a headache, Monzo does a pretty good job of eliminating the stress and fuss. We rate it solidly as a great banking app with a variety of saving options.

Plus, you’ll also get a free neon-coloured contactless Monzo card sent to you directly in the post to use in-stores.


Plum’s catchy name is a sweet savings app that you should definitely download. If you’re ‘umming and ahhing’ over whether it’s worth it, we’re here to say – it is!

Like Monzo, Plum offers a free basic savings plan for users but unlike Monzo, it is not a banking app. Rather, Plum is a clever AI that you connect to your bank account(s) securely. Once you’re connected, Plum will calculate how much you can personally afford to set aside on a weekly or monthly basis.

The best part is, that you don’t need to do a thing once you’re signed up and ready to go. For busy people, this is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to a savings app.

We love Plum because it also offers budgeting tools to help your money go that extra bit further. Finally, if you’re a careless spender, having the option to view your daily spending is probably going to give you food for thought.

Before you know it, you’ll no longer be splurging on those iced coffees every day and you’ll have a decent chunk of cash set aside!


A hybrid savings and investing app, Moneybox makes your savings go even further. Like some of the other free savings apps you can download on iOS and Android, Moneybox uses a ‘rounding up’ method on purchases you make. It goes a step further though!

Every time Moneybox rounds up your spending, it then invests the round-ups for you. So, not only are you saving in the short-term with the app but you’re also investing in your future.

With different stocks and shares options as well as the choice to sign up for a free ISA, consider Moneybox the kingpin of the saving apps world.

Any app that can work on both real-time and future savings and investments is a winner in our eyes.


Got a nasty habit of spending mindlessly? Don’t fret, we all do. Plus, there’s an app with a quirky name that can keep you on track, meet Squirrel.

Squirrel is free to download and will certainly help you put a stop to splashing your cash as soon as your paycheck lands in your bank account.

Stretch your pay each month and budget wisely to make sure you have enough money for your essentials. Squirrel will deduct the money you require for bills from your bank account and pay it back into your account the day before your bills are due.

While Squirrel isn’t a typical savings app per se, it does a very good job at helping you manage your money and save it from being spent.


Chip is an automatic savings bot that is capable of monitoring what you’re spending and setting aside what you can afford to save. Instead of being overly ambitious with savings, Chip is going to help you be realistic.

As the age-old saying goes, small steps win the race. And – when it comes to savings this saying couldn’t be more true.

If you’re not sure on where to even start with saving money (no judgements here!) Chip helps you to plan. You can enter your income and monthly essential spendings and the app will calculate what’s affordable.

Chip is a fool-proof way to save on the go and requires little to no effort from users in doing so. As a plus, it also can be used to invest in real assets, funds, and market-leading accounts. We rate this app extremely highly!

Why Use A Savings App?

A ‘live in the moment’ mentality is all well and good until you find yourself struggling mid-way through the month. With the savings apps above, which are all free to download, spending is stress free because you’ll be saving at the same time.

Savings apps are great for managing savings on the go and they will set aside the money for you. In a few simple steps you’ll be saving over splurging and could have much greater financial freedom.

As a plus, many of the apps above come with additional features to help you live smarter in terms of budgeting and access great deals too.

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