Top 10 Cheapest Perfumes in the UK Today

Cheapest Perfume in The UK

Accusing someone of wearing “cheap perfume” has become a way of throwing shade, with novelists of the past having often using it as a damning shortcut. However, many perfumes on sale today are created by world class perfumers behind the scenes, working to well-researched creative briefs and using compliance regulated ingredients. With a cost-of-living crisis in the news, now is the time for a spot of fragrant self-indulgence, and the good news is that smelling great needn’t cost the earth.  Here’s a roundup of ten affordable fragrances available in the UK today. All prices are current at the time of publishing.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 50ml EDP £14.99

Celebrity fragrances come and go but only a small number have remained popular since their launch and Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely is one of them. Having enjoyed a remarkable seventeen years of popularity, this “silky white amber” fragrance is still a steady seller. The perfumers behind it were Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec with Sarah Jessica Parker herself being heavily involved in the process, being credited as Creative Director. Lovely eau de parfum features top notes of citrus, lavender and (Sex And The City style) Apple Martini, a floral heart of narcissus and orchid, and a musky cedar base. It was designed for ages “seven to seventy”. Judging by its success, it’s clearly hitting the spot, just like that Apple Martini.

Jennifer Lopez Glow 30ml EDP £11.95

One of the earliest celebrity fragrances dating back as far as back in 2002 is JLo Glow, as fans call it. Glow is a floral fragrance bursting with orange blossom, neroli and jasmine, which dries down to a clean laundry musk base accord. Perennially popular after twenty years, the Jenny From the Block neck bling is found on dressing tables around the world. The perfumers were Louise Turner and Catherine Walsh.

Coty L’Aimant 50ml Parfum de Toilette, £8.75

A Grande Dame in today’s fragrance world, Coty L’Aimant was created in 1927, just six years after Chanel No 5. The two fragrances have many notes in common, not least aldehydes, peach, jasmine, rose and sandalwood.  Affordable and timeless, Coty L’Aimant is one everyone should have in their collection. Its Art Deco bottle gives it perfect “dressing table appeal”.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea 100ml EDP £18

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea was created in 2000 by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who has since launched his own high end maison de parfum.  With refreshing notes of tea, mint, citrus fruit and musk, Green Tea has launched a fleet of good quality flankers: Green Tea Nectarine, Green Tea Summer, and Green Tea Exotic to name but a few. All are good value and are perfect sprayed straight from the fridge on a hot day.

Avon Eve Truth 50ml EDP £12

Just because Avon doesn’t ring the doorbell these days doesn’t mean that the brand is not alive and well and thriving in their new online digital environment. Avon Eve Truth has a distinctly modern appeal and beat a well-known designer perfume in blind test trials. A floral fruity fragrance with notes of freesia, peony and pomegranate, Avon Eve Truth was created by perfumer Laurent Le Guernec.

Zara Emotions Waterlily Tea Dress £15.99 40ml EDP Zara

With a scent as pretty its name, it comes as no surprise that Jo Malone MBE played a large creative role in the Zara Emotions collection. Waterlily Tea Dress is a simple affair of bergamot, mint and musk, but its clear purity and idyllic summer feel have made it a steady seller for Zara and a customer favourite.

Calvin Klein Contradiction 50ml EDP £17.95

Contradiction is a throwback to the caring, sharing 90s when it was launched. Created by perfumers Ann Gottleib and Daniela Andrier, this floral woody musk fragrance has a bouquet of peony, jasmine and rose at its heart, with a frosted cold accord cutting through the richness. With a skyscraper style bottle and a price that could still belong to the 90s, Calvin Klein Contradiction is a versatile and feminine fragrance for all seasons.

Yardley Bluebell and Sweet Pea 50ml EDT Fragrance Direct £6.95

With the current trends of gourmands and oudh, it’s getting harder to find a straightforward floral fragrance. Step forward Yardley, for this is what they do best. The more recent collections have stepped away from the soliflores of yore and are offering springtime blends, in this case, Bluebells and Sweet Peas together. These are eau de toilette strength but at such a low price, you can afford several top ups during the day.

Rihanna Reb’l Fleur 30ml £13.95

Before she embraced motherhood, Rihanna was putting her name to her own perfume brand, not to mention her Fenty Make Up range. Reb’l Fleur, a nod to her Bajan roots, is a fruity chypre with a breeze of feel-good coconut in among the peaches, berries and hibiscus. Created by perfumers Marypierre Julien and Caroline Sabas in 2011, this tropical treat has staying power and a small price tag. What more could you ask of a fragrance?

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl £15.99 30ml PerfumeDirect.Com

As wholesome as a white cotton shirt and blue jeans, Tommy Girl was inspired by American wildflowers. Created by master perfumer Calice Becker, this is a blend of apple blossom, honeysuckle, magnolia and jasmine. With a warm finish of cedar and sandalwood, this versatile scent is perfect for young people starting their perfume journey, or older perfume lovers who just want something simple and summery.


From world class perfumers and famous perfume houses, cheap perfume doesn’t need to smell cheap. Spray guilt free, safe in the knowledge that you still have change for the bills, and don’t be afraid of a generous top up spray at lunchtime.

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