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Combination Gas Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Last updated: 28th May 2023 1:18
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Top tips for buying Combination Gas Carbon Monoxide Detector

  1. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s product specifications before you purchase, to ensure the detector meets your needs.
  2. Look for a detector that is certified to the British Standard for Carbon Monoxide and Gas Detectors (BSEN 50291..
  3. Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  4. Consider the installation requirements and cost.
  5. Ensure the detector you purchase offers both gas and carbon monoxide detection.
  6. Look for a detector with an audible and visual alarm.
  7. Make sure the detector has a test and reset button.
  8. Consider the battery life of the detector.
  9. Check the detector’s sensitivity to ensure it will detect both carbon monoxide and gas accurately.
  10. Look for a detector with a digital display for easy reading.

Combination Gas Carbon Monoxide Detector FAQs