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Drill Bits

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Last updated: 3rd Jun 2023 1:54
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Top tips for buying Drill Bit

  1. Consider the material you’ll be drilling into. Different materials require different drill bits.
  2. Choose the right size drill bit for the job – too small and it will break, too large and it will be ineffective.
  3. Always use a sharp drill bit – dull drill bits can cause damage to the material you’re drilling into.
  4. Choose a drill bit with a good coating to reduce friction and heat build-up.
  5. Consider buying a set of drill bits as this will give you a range of sizes and types for different tasks.
  6. Look out for drill bits with a hexagonal shank – this will make them easier to change.
  7. Check the warranty on the drill bit and make sure it covers the job you’re doing.
  8. Buy from a reputable supplier – this will ensure you get a quality product.
  9. Consider buying a cordless drill if you need to do a lot of drilling.
  10. Always wear eye protection when using a drill.

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