The UK's Top 10 Best Selling
Jig Saws

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Last updated: 28th May 2023 1:34
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Top tips for buying Jig Saw

  1. Consider the type of jigsaw you need – cordless, corded, or both.
  2. Read reviews of jigsaws and compare prices.
  3. Consider the blade size and shape you need.
  4. Choose a jigsaw with variable speed settings.
  5. Look for jigsaws with a dust blower or dust collection feature.
  6. Choose a jigsaw with an adjustable footplate for better control.
  7. Look for jigsaws with a laser guide for precise cutting.
  8. Consider the weight of the jigsaw and how easily it can be transported.
  9. Look for a jigsaw with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  10. Choose a jigsaw with a warranty for peace of mind.