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Paint Thinners Solvents

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Last updated: 8th Dec 2023 19:46
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Top tips for buying Paint Thinners Solvent

  1. Buy from a trusted and reputable supplier.
  2. Check for safety data sheets to ensure the products meet your requirements.
  3. Look for products that are labelled as non-flammable or have low levels of flashpoint.
  4. Consider the type of surface being painted, as this will determine the type of solvent required.
  5. Check the product label for any warnings or health and safety advice.
  6. Make sure the product is suitable for the type of paint being used.
  7. Look for paint thinners that are specifically designed for use with waterborne paints.
  8. Consider the environment when selecting a paint thinner solvent – opt for one with a low VOC content.
  9. Check the product label for any information on the shelf life of the solvent.
  10. Consider the cost of the product – some paint thinners are less expensive than others.

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