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Straight Edges

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Last updated: 7th Jun 2023 15:33
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Top tips for buying Straight Edge

  1. Consider your needs: Think about what kind of straight edge you need, such as a ruler, a drafting triangle, or a framing square.
  2. Choose the right material: Choose a straight edge made of durable material such as aluminum, steel, or plastic.
  3. Look for accuracy: Make sure the straight edge is accurate and can measure to a fine degree.
  4. Check the length: Measure the length of the straight edge to make sure it is long enough for your needs.
  5. Look for markings: Make sure the straight edge is marked clearly with measurements and angles.
  6. Check the finish: Make sure the straight edge has a smooth and even finish.
  7. Consider a beveled edge: Look for a straight edge with a beveled edge for increased accuracy.
  8. Read the reviews: Check out customer reviews to ensure the straight edge is of good quality.
  9. Check the price: Compare prices and look for a good value for money.
  10. Buy from a reputable seller: Make sure you purchase your straight edge from a reputable seller.

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