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GPS Units

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Last updated: 25th Mar 2023 17:25
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Top tips for buying Gps Unit

  1. Determine your needs. Consider what type of GPS unit you need, such as a basic model for basic navigation, a more advanced model with mapping capabilities, or a model that has specialized features such as fishfinders or geocaching.
  2. Compare prices. Shop around to get the best price for the model you want.
  3. Consider the size and weight. If you plan to carry the unit around with you, make sure it is light and portable.
  4. Consider the battery life. Most GPS units have a battery life of 8-12 hours, but some may have a longer battery life.
  5. Check the mapping capabilities. Make sure the unit you choose has the most up-to-date maps and that it covers the areas you plan to explore.
  6. Look for features such as route planning and tracking, waypoint storage, and voice prompts.
  7. Check for compatibility with other devices, such as phones, tablets, and computers.
  8. Consider the warranty and customer service. Make sure the unit comes with a warranty and that the manufacturer has a good customer service record.
  9. Check reviews. Read user reviews to get a better idea of the unit’s performance and reliability.
  10. Consider accessories. Look for accessories such as cases, mounts, and chargers that will make the unit easier to use.

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