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Last updated: 9th Jun 2023 10:52
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Top tips for buying Card Stock

  1. Consider the type of cardstock you need. Different types of cardstock are best suited for different types of projects.
  2. Consider the weight of the cardstock. Different weights provide different levels of durability and thickness.
  3. Consider the color of the cardstock. Choose a color that complements the project you are creating.
  4. Consider the finish of the cardstock. Different finishes create different effects, so consider what you are trying to achieve.
  5. Consider the size of the cardstock. Different sizes are best suited for different projects.
  6. Consider the opacity of the cardstock. Different levels of opacity allow for different levels of visibility.
  7. Consider the texture of the cardstock. Different textures create different effects.
  8. Consider the price of the cardstock. Different brands and types of cardstock have different price points.
  9. Research different brands of cardstock. Different brands offer different levels of quality and durability.
  10. Purchase cardstock from a reputable supplier. Make sure you are purchasing cardstock from a reliable source.

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