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Last updated: 29th Mar 2023 7:00
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Top Rug Pads based on number of reviews

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Top tips for buying Rug Pad

  1. Consider the size and shape of the rug before purchasing a rug pad.
  2. Check the thickness of the rug pad to make sure it is suitable for the type of floor you have.
  3. Choose a rug pad with a non-slip backing to keep your rug in place.
  4. Look for a pad that is designed to protect your floor from damage.
  5. Ensure the rug pad is made from a breathable material to prevent mould and mildew.
  6. Consider the type of traffic the rug will receive and select a pad that can handle the wear and tear.
  7. Make sure the pad is easy to clean and maintain.
  8. Ensure the pad is suitable for underfloor heating systems.
  9. Check the warranty and return policy before purchasing.
  10. Consider the price and look for the best value for your money.

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