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Last updated: 3rd Oct 2023 3:51
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Top tips for buying Golf Wedge

  1. Consider the type of wedge you need. Different types of wedges are designed for different types of shots.
  2. Research the different brands available. Different brands offer different features and benefits.
  3. Consider the material of the wedge. Wedges made of steel, graphite, or titanium all offer different levels of performance.
  4. Look at the sole design. The sole design of a wedge can affect the performance of a shot.
  5. Look at the bounce angle. Different bounce angles can help you to hit different types of shots.
  6. Consider the loft of the wedge. Different lofts can help you to hit different types of shots.
  7. Look at the shaft length. Shaft length affects the distance and accuracy of shots.
  8. Check the weight of the wedge. Heavier wedges can help you to hit more powerful shots.
  9. Look for features such as grooves or spin technology. These features can help to improve the performance of shots.
  10. Read reviews. Reviews can help you to get an idea of the quality and performance of a wedge.

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