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Paintball Helmets

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Last updated: 3rd Oct 2023 5:15
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Top tips for buying Paintball Helmet

  1. Choose the right size – Make sure your helmet fits properly. Measure the circumference of your head and use the size chart provided by the manufacturer to determine the correct size.
  2. Look for safety certifications – Make sure the helmet you choose has the relevant safety certifications for the UK, such as the European standard EN 166.
  3. Choose a lightweight helmet – A heavier helmet can be uncomfortable and can affect your game. Look for a lightweight helmet that is comfortable to wear.
  4. Look for adjustable straps – Make sure the helmet has adjustable straps so you can get a snug fit and prevent the helmet from shifting while you play.
  5. Consider the ventilation – Look for a helmet with plenty of ventilation to keep you cool while you play.
  6. Look for a comfortable padding – Make sure the padding is comfortable and won’t slip or shift while you play.
  7. Check out the lens – Look for a helmet with a clear, shatter-proof lens that will protect your eyes from paintball projectiles.
  8. Consider the cost – Look for a helmet that fits your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to get a good helmet.
  9. Look for a good warranty – Make sure the helmet comes with a good warranty in case it gets damaged during use.
  10. Read customer reviews – Read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of the helmet before purchasing.

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