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Protective Cycling Gears

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Last updated: 25th Mar 2023 17:07
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Top tips for buying Protective Cycling Gear

  1. Choose the right type of gear for your riding style and needs.
  2. Look for gear that is certified to the relevant safety standards.
  3. Look for gear that is comfortable and fits well.
  4. Make sure the gear has adequate ventilation and breathability.
  5. Check the stitching on the gear to ensure it is well-made and durable.
  6. Ensure the gear is waterproof and windproof.
  7. Look for gear that has reflective material for increased visibility.
  8. Choose gear that has adjustable straps and buckles for a better fit.
  9. Look for gear with ventilation panels that allow for air circulation.
  10. Consider investing in a helmet with MIPS technology for extra protection.

Protective Cycling Gear FAQs