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Last updated: 29th Mar 2023 6:51
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Top tips for buying Racing Inline Skate

  1. Choose the Right Size: Make sure to measure your feet to get the right fit.
  2. Choose the Right Wheel Durometer: Wheels come in different durometers (hardness) so you can choose the best one for your skating style.
  3. Choose the Right Boot Material: Different boot materials offer different levels of support and comfort.
  4. Choose the Right Closure System: Different closure systems are available to help you find the most comfortable and secure fit.
  5. Consider the Frame: The frame should match your skating style and the type of surface you will be skating on.
  6. Check the Bearings: Make sure the bearings are high quality and properly lubricated.
  7. Consider the Brake: The brake should be easy to use and provide a secure stop.
  8. Choose the Right Skate Liner: Make sure the liner is comfortable and supportive.
  9. Consider the Cuff and Ankle Support: Look for a cuff and ankle support that offers the right amount of support for your skating style.
  10. Try Before You Buy: Make sure to try the skates on before you buy to ensure a proper fit and comfort.

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