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Last updated: 29th Mar 2023 7:45
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Top tips for buying Roller Skate

  1. Get the right size skates – Make sure you get the right size skates for your feet. You should be able to find a size chart online and in stores to help you determine your size.
  2. Choose the right type of skate – There are two main types of roller skates available in the UK today: quad skates and inline skates. Make sure you choose the right type of skate for the type of skating you want to do.
  3. Get the right wheels – The type of wheels you need will depend on the type of skating you’re doing. For instance, if you’re skating outdoors, you’ll need harder wheels to cope with the bumps and cracks in the pavement.
  4. Look for good quality – Look for skates made from good quality materials and with good quality components. Avoid skates made from cheap materials as they won’t last as long and may be uncomfortable.
  5. Consider the bearings – The bearings are an important part of the skate and can affect the speed and smoothness of your ride. Look for bearings with a higher ABEC rating for a smoother ride.
  6. Look for adjustable skates – If you’re buying skates for a growing child, look for adjustable skates that can be adjusted as they grow.
  7. Check the padding – Make sure the padding on the skates is comfortable and supportive. You don’t want to be in pain after a few hours of skating.
  8. Look for good quality brakes – Good quality brakes are essential for safety. Look for brakes that are easy to use and which provide good grip.
  9. Consider the cost – Roller skates can range in price from very cheap to very expensive. Consider your budget and find a pair of skates that are within it.
  10. Ask for advice – If you’re not sure which type of skates to buy, ask for advice from a knowledgeable salesperson at the store. They should be able to help you find the perfect pair of skates for you.

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